Closeboard Garden Fencing In Bridgwater

Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard fencing is known for its strength, versatility and appearance this style of timber fencing is built in situ consisting of timber post, horizontal rails, vertical feather edge slats, gravel board, and optional capping rail.

''Advantages of Cloasboard Fencing''

 *Strong and reliable due to position of post and rails.
*Post positions are flexible which is great for avoiding  garden obstacles plants, trees bushes, ect.
​* Built on site this fence can be easily altered for slopes and different height fences 

Closeboard Timber Fencing

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Fencing panels

Concrete post

closeboard fence panels with concrete post. in bridgwater,taunton

Concrete fence post with 6inch gravel boards and heave duty closeboard panels.

Overlap Panels

overlap fence panels with concrete slotted post. 

Fence with optional trellis

Durleigh Fencing offer a wide variety of fencing styles we can help you with all your deign aspects contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Timber post and panels

Pressure treated 4x4 timber post with heavy duty close board panels.

Classic overlaps with timber post

Pressure treated 4x4 post with a classic style overlap fence panel. 

Diamond Trellis with Timber Post

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